If you have been served by this Court Notice of a Complaint  that was filed in our Court, you are a Respondent and MUST APPEAR and RESPOND WITHIN 2 Weeks or 14 Days.

Failure to appear and respond will result in this court issuing a SUMMARY JUDGEMENT in the action and the Judgement can be brought into any local, state or country court as a Foreign International Judgement.

Any person or lifeform on the planet earth or anywhere in the Universe that named as a respondent in an action before our court has the right to respond.

Any legal entity, business or corporation can respond. Any government or public company or public corporation can respond.

Any person or lifeform that is a respondent has the right to respond Pro Se before this court as a matter of right. Any business or company or corporation that is not a public company may have it’s owner, chairman or president respond on behalf of the business, company or corporation. Any government of the planet earth or anywhere in the Universe or any public company may respond but these entities must use an Attorney that has been admitted to appear before our Court. Attorneys not currently admitted to appear before our Court may seek an Attorney Admission to Appear before our Court.

Members of the Nation of ONE that Tithe to the Nation of ONE can respond to a Complaint without paying a Response Filing Fee. All other persons, lifeforms or entities must pay the Courts Filing Fee to Respond.


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